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I'm glad to hear that Joeco- and welcome to the club. I realize all prisons are not like this, but some of them are literally like a luxery resort for criminals. I believe that prisoner should be allowed a place to sleep, place to use the can, place to shower, and a place to eat. What more do they need?
When I send me 3 y/o up to his room for bad behavior, I don't allow him to take Toy Story toys with him so he can sit there and play.
I also don't agree with the whole "visiting" thing. That's my opinion. If you have done something wrong, you are in prison, locked up and that's it. NO extra rights. If you are sentenced to 3 years, well buddy you'll see your family in 3 years. If you are sentenced to life (obviously for doing something terribily BAD) guess what? NOPE, no more family. You screwed up. You lost your rights. In many cases, you ended someone elses life as they knew it. Whether by murder, molestation, sexual-verbal-emotional-physical abuse, or just stealing every cent a person or family owned. You changed that life forever and now your life needs to be changed forever.

EYE for an EYE. Many criminals would not like it if I were a judge.

James 1:2-8
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