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Originally Posted by tator View Post
I completely understand how God tells us not to "judge" other people, but in this case, this sentence for this animal was not correct. I'm all for the "eye for an eye" option and that's what I stand by. Like TG said, if he beat this innocent, defenseless, helpless girl to death (AFTER BURNING HER SEVERELY) then he need to be beaten to death.

My question is this... how can this be SECOND degree murder? Comon. He burned her and then beat her to D E A T H. How long does one "get" to premeditate an action? In my opinion, as soon as he started burning her, he was attempting murder. Therefore, he had it in his mind that he was going to kill her before he burned her. Therefore, it was premeditated. Therefore, it was FIRST DEGREE MURDER. Wow, maybe I should be a judge.

I'll tell you one thing, if I were a judge, we wouldn't have cushy prisons like we do now because of stupid "human rights". In my opinion, you LOSE your human rights when you are locked up for murder, rape, burglary, incest, assault, etc.... ISN'T THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF PRISON????

This pile of crap, just got FREE meals, room and board, exercise, health care, and anything else he wants for the next 32 years. Heck, maybe Obama will make it to where this guy can get some good retirement benefits from us hard working AMERICANS once he gets out since I'm sure he'll be unaccustomed to the world in 2044. Poor guy...
I am a correctional sergeant for a prison here in Alabama. This crap sickens me. As a supervisor i have to do my job though or lose it because of inmate rights. I used to really struggle with it, but God has taken that from me so i can better do my job.
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