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Here's my 2 cents- don't over do it. There are guys out there who use TOO much scent or too many calls. You already said that the buck you are hunting is in your area near your stand. My question is, why do you need scents or calls then? Keep monitoring him and if he's still showing up regularly, I'd de-scent myself and go hunt him.

Now, as far as BB and HM are saying- I agree with both of them. BB said that using scents can alarm deer- this is VERY VERY VERY VERY true. Think of it like this, if you walk into your house and you wife has boughten a new air freshener... what are you going to smell as soon as you walk in the door? The difference in odor, that's what.

HM said that using scent wicks or drags can help during pre rut or rut. This is very true as well b/c bucks are up and moving and they are in other "houses" then. Just like you go to your friends house and maybe his house smells like CRAP, that's what you are going to smell when you first walk in. Well, if a buck is in a new area and smells a hot doe, he knows, hey, this is the place I want to be.

Now, I personally, use drags occasionally but once again, I don't over do it. I don't spray too much. The buck bombs are a total waste of money- in my opinion. I've used them stupid things countless times and not ONCE have they ever produced ANYTHING for me. In fact, I have used them on scent wicks in front of trail cams, and the deer leave it alone. I'm guessing, it is a foreign scent to them and they want no part of it. Now, the code blue is good scent and I have had success with it. I especially like how they use ONE deer's urine and not a community urine pool.

Good luck

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