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Are you wanting to plant the 1/10 of an acre for food for the deer or for an attractant for harvesting deer? If you are looking for both (like I am), why don't you try a mineral lick? What I do is find a good moist area (like you already have) and in a 4 foot circle, take a spade or shovel and mix up the soil down to about 6 inches deep. Then take stock salt, mineral salt or just a plain block of salt and place it on top of the area you dug up. This way the salt will penetrate the soil and the deer will go nuts over it. They will actually EAT the soil out of the ground - so don't place your lick in a spot where you'll be driving- b/c you'll have a hole dug out about a foot deep or so in a couple years- depending on your deer activity.

As always- check your state's hunting/baiting laws before making a mineral lick. Some states do not allow this, while others do.
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