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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
Scents and calls should be your last option, using scents or calls in an area where you don't normally use scents or calls could cause an alarming effect to the deer and set them on a higher alert than they already are.
I would hunt the area the same way as you normally would keeping in mind your 8 pointer could appear any second, slow movements and keep the wind in your face.
That's how I would handle it.
Good Luck
Weeellll, i hunt permanent box stands. And Tink's 69 has been used there, as well as bleats and grunts. We just havent used scents in a while. I was thinkin bout getting Tink's Doe in Estourus Buck Bomb, along with the Flextone Buck Crusher (already have) and some rattling antlers. We also use corn and cmere deer.

when i hit the stand, im bringin back either porkchops or backstrap.
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