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A new Ruger Hawkeye in the family..

My 17 year old Son just bought his Ruger Hawkeye in 30-06. He shot in the State High School Trap competition and on the way home we stopped at Cabellas and picked it up. He has been shooting/hunting with my Ruger No 1 International in 30-06 but always wanted a bolt action instead. I love the look and feel of the Ruger Number 1 International, but I have to agree that it is nice to hunt with a bolt action. My favorite hunting rifle is still my Winchester M70 Featherweight that I am still going to try to trade back from my oldest Son. We are doing some home improvements in the basement and it is driving him nuts that the Leopold 2.5x8 VX3 for it is buried until I clear the gunroom out.

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