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I currently don't use lead-free shot in my shotguns...

I have only gone duck hunting once and that was a long time ago. The lead ban was not inforce where I was hunting at the time. I have a Remington 3200 o/u in 12ga that while certified for lead-free steel shot had one round of steel fired in each barrel. I can still see faint scratches in the barrels. I am not a fan of anything that hard on my shotguns. I know that the newer replacements for steel are softer and not as nasty. I also know they cost out the butt price-wise. I love quail and pheasent hunting, I hope that lead-free isn't mandated for those birds. If one of the big manufactures figured out a dirt cheap friendly replacement for lead that was non-toxic, and sold for the same price as lead I would be less concerned if made to switch over to lead-free.

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