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I agree with you t2h. I myself struggle time to time with the duties of being a good daddy and husband. Sometimes it's easy to feel so selfish that I begin to worry about myself rather than my family. The point is this... God comes first, family is next. As men of our homes we need to focus less on ourselves first and more on protecting our families and their well-being. I'm beginning to understand that there are so many little things I need to just forget about and stop trying to do so much. It's the little things that end up occupying our time to the point where our kids are neglected and our wives at home are alone. I'm not saying, stop working hard at your occupation or to stop doing what you love... but sometimes I do stop myself and ask, is this task or journey worth my time? What else would I be doing if I weren't occupied doing this? Just about all the time the answer is BEING WITH MY FAMILY. The number 1 thing we can do is be "around" at home. Include our kids in everything we do, talk to our wives daily in a loving way and teach our family the importance of worshiping God for sending His Son to die for our sins.

James 1:2-8
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