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ive got to agree with the gadgets nonsense. that ozonics stuff is amazing, but i feel like the point of hunting is to be there and out smart your quarry. its about spending time in nature and not just seeing or killing deer but watching families of coons dig in the leaves and the birds landing on limbs around you. its about solitude and thinking about whatever. your thoughts arent influenced by anyone. theres no nagging wife, no screaming kids, no mortgage bill. its the woods. and theyre not gonna be there forever. this country is growing. fast. so these pros need to start savoring the sentimental and basking in the glory of gods country because our kids may not get to enjoy it the way we have. they need to be more concerned with making memories and sharing them than with making money and promoting theyre newest products. that being said, i watch the heck out of hunting shows.
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