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I have had several pet coons over the years.Never had a problem with any of them. As a kid I had a boar coon that went about 35#.He slept in the bed with me,walked on a leash like a dog. He also saved my skin one day.Walking down a dirt road 3 german shepards came out and was getting pretty nasty.I was really scared.I unclipped the leash the the woopen was on.Fur flyin but non of it was coon fur.That coon wooped all 3 of them shepards. Had a female a few years back she was good also.She would sit in my lap and I would spoon feed her ice cream after I was done.The only time she got nasty is once when she got into a friends beer and got drunk,Hence her name Boosey coon. But I did get all of them before there eyes were open or shortly there after.The squirals Ive had were way meanier than the coons. I would not mess with a growed wild coon though,Ive seen the other side

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