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Default Wax Slugs for Hunting?

Hey. Ive recently learned how to make wax slugs, and the damage they do is amazing. (for those who dont know, its a shotshell with a mixture of wax and birdshot in it. You melt the wax, pour the birdshot in the melted wax, and fill the shell with that and let it dry.) They easily penetrate 17 gauge metal from 100 yards. I was wondering if anyone has hunted with these. You can make them for any gauge, i make them for 20, 16 and 12 gauge. Ive heard of taking deer with a 12 gauge wax slug. But Im wondering if anyone on here has ever actually done it. Heres a pic of a wax slug:
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when i hit the stand, im bringin back either porkchops or backstrap.
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