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The best way to hold large bucks is by having what they are interested in. LADIES. The real question is how to keep a healthy doe population. Anyone who has hunted over bait or planted fields will pretty much agree the only time you will see a big buck in the open is when he is trailing a doe. I try and plant healthy foods for my deer. Yes I toss in a few seeds of corn and a bit of ryegrass. Nutrition value in these foods are low but they enjoy eating it. 90% of what I put out is higher protein food such as clover, alfalfa, and peas. Clover and alfalfa both make excellent forage crops. Both are perennial so once you get them established, you are good to go for years to come. Just a bit of lime and maybe some fertilizer. Since Alfalfa makes its own nitrogen you can use a low nitrogen fertilizer and maybe get by without using any.
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