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Originally Posted by Arcene View Post
Butt, (not a misspell), what do we do when a trophy buck is standing looking striaght at you at 70 yards away. Take the shot through the lower chest cavity, and hope you can get some one else to field dress the animal, since the round exited it's butt, or take a neck shot to drop the animal, and a second shot to finish it?
If this is not a rhetorical question, my answer is forget the neck shot always. In the scenario you described, your "lower chest cavity" is the best option. At that range, most people can make that shot. The last buck I killed was shot with a 300 SWM straight on at about 40 yards and was drilled right through the heart. There was no problem field dressing it although, to be honest, I can't tell you why it wasn't a mess. I was using 150 TTSX Barnes handloads with a muzzle velocity of 3064 ft/sec.
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