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well the time he and Yadier Molina got into it - that was pretty crappy. talk about being a class-A idiot. If Yadi wasn't such a nice guy, Phillips would be talking with a studder still today. That type of crap doesn't go on in a MAN's game. This isn't the NBA where taunting is allowed and actually part of the game (I LOATHE the NBA).

I'm not a big fan of Cueto (sp?) or however you spell his name. Not sure if he still plays for you guys or not, but he's a complete idiot... CORRECTION anyone who is wearing metal spikes and is in the middle of a brawl and decides to kick someone in the face like a little girl would rather than (excuse me for saying this) fighting like a man is an absolute disgrace to our gender. He actually ended Jason LaRue's career because he wanted to be a little sissy girl and use an actual WEAPON instead of pushing and shoving (like what is normally done) in this situation. If I were the commissioner, he would be banned from baseball for life and charges brought against him. Idiot.

So yeah, Rolen and that's about it. haha

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