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Christ is #1 and if you ask all those great Christians who you listed above, they would not want you to list them next to Christ. Jesus stands alone. I like HM's repsonse and I like Daddus' response about anyone leading another to Christ is doing something so Christ-like that they may spend a brief moment at #2.

Our goal as Christians is to be Christ-like, it is not to compare ourselves to Christ. I think when we start trying to do that, we get to the point where we think we ARE Christ. That's a scary place to be, because Jesus will quickly remind you that you are NOT Him and that no other name stands before or next to Him.

HE is supreme.
HE is in power.
HE is our LORD.
HE is the ONLY God.
HE loves everyone the exact SAME.
HE alone is AWESOME!

James 1:2-8
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