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Shoobee, while I agree with much of your posting, I still feel as thought I have a moral obligation to not vote for and to speak freely about an individula who is against everything I believe religously, morally, and spiritually. I absolutely agree with what you are saying about retirement and tax benefits- I believe when it comes to that everyone should be eligable for that- BUT, I do not feel as though legalizing gay and lesbian marriage is the way to do it. There are other ways around this- how, I don't know... but I'm sure those "smarties" in D.C. can figure it out.
While I agree that everyone should be eligable for the same benefits based on hard work and dedication, I do not feel as though this lifestyle should grant freedom of that. Am I opposed to banning gay/lesbian marriages in order for everyone to receive this "right".... I think you know the answer to that Q

James 1:2-8
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