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Karl, I own and hunt with both a Rem. 700 Mountain Rifle in .280 Rem. and a Model Seven in 300 WSM. Both are wonderful shooters. I've had the mountain rifle forever and have elk, deer and antelope with it. A couple of years ago, I shot a one inch group with the Seven at 300 yards! Proabably just luck on my part, but, obviously, the gun is capable of it. I have noticed no diffeence in the function of these two rifles. Remington no longer makes the Seven in 300 WSM, but that's a pretty potent round (on both ends) coming out of such a lightish rifle. If your body type and size require a shorter LOP, and you like the short action design, get the Model Seven and don't give it another thought. It just can't be beat in .243, .308, 7mm/08, or any of the shorties. The only slight advantage to the Rem. 700 is that you might find more aftermarket products for it.

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