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Originally Posted by onehorse View Post
Glad this all worked out, and thanks for the warning. I was thinking about selling a one-of-a-kind Gibson acoustic guitar which I made for myself at the Gibson custom shop in Bozeman, MT. - probably worth $4,000 - $5,000. After your experience, I think I'll find another way to sell it.

Please do... by the time you get done selling on ebay you are going to be paying around 10-15% of the purchase price back to them for using their site. For my item, which sold at $188.50, I owed ebay $18.59 seller's fees. So if you sell something for $4,000 you are going to be paying well over $400 in seller's fees. Plus, ebay is a headache anymore. If I buy anything from here on out, it'll be from an actual store on ebay--- one with an address and a real person I can talk to. Not some joe-smoe who wants to scam me.
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