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Thanks a bunch Darrell, I really appreciate the thoughts and concerns you've shown me through this ordeal. Let me also say that I'm sorry to hear that your brother left your family in pretty much similar fashion. It's really sad when someone "goes out" like this, but what's just as sad is the havoc, confusion and wondering left in their wake for the people who really cared about them. It's gonna be a while before I go see the widow, I think I need to just let her have some time before she'll be able to even talk about this without falling apart. I go back many years with her too. I would like to read your thoughts about dealing with this tragedy, if you don't mind I'll send you a PM with my info. On to the Nick Casal attack, they finally arrested the ex-boyfriend(big surprise there)and are holding himWITHOUT BAIL. He has been charged with a Class B felony which in New York can be as much as 25 years and a $30,000 fine. I think TG will be at least a little happier now that they've jailed the coward piece of garbage.
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