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The failure of the 300 Weatherby was not the cartridge

I know that my Idaho outfitter considered the 338Win mag perfect for Elk. He thought that the 300Win and 300Weatherby magnums were wonderful IF the hunter picked the right bullets. He said he lost count of the number of bullet FAILURES with the 300 magnums. I think that some hunters think that velocity is everything and grouping at long range is all important. We need to stop thinking about shooting an animal in the next zip code. Hitting the animal is very important but if your bullet doesn't stay together and kill it cleanly you have failed. All the bullets selected for the 338Win mag are designed for tuff heavy animals, many of the bullets offered in the 300 magnums are really Deer/Antelope bullets. Elk deserve a quality controlled expansion bullet, using a Deer bullet on them should be frowned upon at the least. My outfitter also wanted us to be using heavy for caliber bullet weights. On my first trip with him I carried a 30-06 shooting 165gr Nosler partitions, on the second trip is carried a 30-06 shooting 180gr Nosler partitions. The 180gr bullet performed perfectly on my second trip. I think that the 165gr could have done the job, but was glad I moved up the 180gr partition.

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