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Who is the 5th most important Christian?

Who is the 5th most important Christian? What would be your vote?

Most people would probably agree that Jesus himself is the most important Christian, as Christ himself, the Son of God, who atoned for our sins with his infinite sacrifice.

In second place is probably St. Paul, who practically single handedly spread Christianity to Asia Minor and Greece, from which it spread eventually to the rest of Europe.

In third is probably St. Luke who wrote his gospel and also Acts.

In fourth is probably St. John for his gospel and for Revelation.

But what about 5th?

I think in 5th belongs to the Emperor Constantine, who saw a vision much like St Paul had, and then from his vision he painted crosses on all his soldiers' shields. After winning the battle and re-conquering all of the Roman Empire, he then established Christianity as the Roman religion and made Christ the Lord and God of the Romans as well.

What do others think? Who should occupy 5th as the most important Christians?
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