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My hunting grounds are in California, 3 hours to the east, or 3 hours to the south, of the SF Bay Area. The coastal south hunting season opens first, in mid July for archery. The mountainous east opens in September.

I normally backpack hunt each area twice, on each respective opening day, there being 4 opening days, 2 zones x 2 seasons (bow and rifle).

So that gives me 4 backpack trips per year, normally. We are allowed 2 deer tags in Calif per year.

Bow season is usually a chance to see the bucks in the distance. Coming back for them with a rifle a month later.

Got a shot one year with my bow while driving to my spot, a 2x3 buck flirting with a doe early, and she would have nothing to do with him, but it distracted him enough that he did not notice me pulling over, getting my compound bow out, creeping up on him, and getting an easy shot from 35 yards away. That was in the mountains, my second trip that year, and my first buck that year. So the season ended fast that time, did not even get a chance to set up a tent.

Road hunting pays off sometimes, but for the most part I like to set up dual tent camps, one by the vehicle, and another up high after a full day's hike to get up there.

There are less deer these days in California. Most hunters believe it is due to the abundance of mountain lions now.

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