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Thanks TG, went to the wake yesterday afternoon, not good, his wife is a mess and won't be better any time soon. This guy survived a year in Vietnam as a door gunner in a chopper only to end up going out like this. But that's enough about that, back to your deal, first let me offer my condolences to you, I can see that this has hit home hard with you. I know the boxing community is a very close knit one, and one of your very dear passions. The girlfriend is in this up to her neck, what was she doing at the ex's house at 4:30 in the morning? And then calls Nick to come over there? And why haven't the cops made an arrest yet, she saw the whole thing, they have an eye witness. She knows more than she's telling so far. It'll be interesting to see what unfolds. If the cops can prove that she "baited" or lured him there, regardless if she didn't know of the impending attack, she's going to the slammer too along with the attacker.
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