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Hey Ghost, you may have seen this by now, but I just read that the entire fight card has been cancelled 'cause Nick was attacked this past Saturday morning and half beaten to death by a guy(or guys) with golf clubs, of course from behind. Bunch of chicken ---t SOB's. And all over some broad. Just search his name, you'll see all the articles about it. Coincidentally that same morning an old buddy of mine who I've known for 57 years went out to a local forest preserve and shot himself in the head. He was just at my house a while back, showed up, he took my motorcycle for a half day ride, came back and we shot the breeze for a while, he seemed OK. He's had a lot of issues for many years, but I never saw this comin'. Have to go to the wake today. Anyway, I'm sorry to have put a damper on your expectations for next month, I know how much you absolutely love boxing and everything surrounding the sport. Take care.
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