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Scope placement on rifles...

I agree that there isn't enough said in the articles in magazines about the need to have a correct fit. We don't all have the same hole placement in our bowling balls but for some reason most people would never consider having a buttstock length changed for the rifle to fit them. I personally am a reverse stock crawler. I almost never have the scope back far enough for me. For some reason when I mount a rifle the scope is always to far forward for me unless I have it set WAY back or the buttstock shortened. Most stores that sell rifles and scopes offer to mount and boresight the scope for the purcheser. I can't count the number of shooters I have seen on the line that have to chase their scope to get the proper eye relief. I bring my tools to the range during sight in days just to loan them out to shooters after I point out that their scope can be adjusted back for a correct fit. I always ask them to stand up, close their eyes and then shoulder the rifle. When I say open your eyes most of them then have to slide their head forward on the buttstock to get the eye relief correct. This isn't the way it should be, but for some reason we put up with it. The problem is made worse here in Minnesota because in the late fall the temps are falling and we all layer up to keep warm. Eye relief that was a little off gets worse with lots of layers on.

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