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I also would have liked both of the new owners there..

One of the rifles was a surprise gift for his Brother-in-law. The other was his Nephew's rifle that hadn't been fired, having got it Christmas morning. I did feel responsible having steered his Sister, and my Buddy to those Marlins. I was very satisfied with the performance on the two Marlin XL7s. My Son was shooting his Ruger No 1 in 30-06 and is now mad at himself for not putting rounds through the Marlins while he had a chance. I think you have a quality rifle with your Marlin, I would not feel shortchanged if it was my primary rifle. I try not to be a rifle snob, but I am at times. I like a stock that fits, a quality trigger, a solid action, and a rifle that puts bullets close together if I do my part. The Marlin XL7 meets all those requirements at a very reasonable pricepoint.

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