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Hi Jack: First off those Benelli's you are looking at are tactical shotguns made for close quarters combat, that's why they have cylinder bore barrels, so the shot pattern opens up immediately and covers a large area at close range. A good slug gun for not a ton of money would be a Remington 870 pump. I don't know if you have a Gander Mountain or BassPro close by, but they are the same price on an 870 Express which has a wood stock and a 20", fully rifled barrel with fully adjustable rifle sights for $379.99 or the same gun but with a black synthetic stock, same barrel as above for $399.99. And if you wait a couple months from now, they will start running their hunting sales and you can probably save about $50 on either of these guns. You use saboted slugs with these rifled barrels, it's a deer slug encased in a plastic jacket, the rifling bites into the plastic jacket giving it spin and the jacket falls off upon exiting the barrel. Way more accurate and flatter shooting than the old Foster style rifled slugs shot out of a smooth bore barrel. If you're not familiar with what I am talking about, do a little research on the net and give yourself some background on this stuff. Hope this helps.PS: ALL 12 gauge slugs kick, the only time that may bother you is sighting in your gun on a bench, when you shoot at an animal in a hunting situation you won't even notice it except for the noise.

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