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Default Sad fact, you get what you pay for.. no surprise..

I am looking at the Winchester 24 gunsafe over at Tractor Supply. It is onsale for 599.xx. It is only around 500# and my current collection will fill it. I like the security of the safe and the externel hinges and the door opens a full 180 degrees. The major problem is I have to bring my Dad's gun collection up from Florida. That is heavy on shotguns instead of Rifles and that will fill a second Winchester. If I go with the Winchesters it will be one for Pistols/Rifles and one for Rifles/Shotguns without the top shelf installed. Tractor Supply also offers a cheaper safe (Cannon) that only has retractable bolts on one side. It is offered in a 72 inch tall version. This one is rated as a 48 gun model. All the eggs would probibly fit in it. The main problem is that a pro could get into it very easily. A light weight going house to house for drug money would be detered by the cheap one. Again this is a tuff choice, I will not forgive myself if I lose all of these special friends because I SAVED 1000.xx bucks. If I go with two Winchesters each of my Sons will have one when that day comes to divide up Dad's guns.

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