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All right i have been avoiding posting in this thread for a wile, because A) i have mixed feelings about this, and B) my political view on this is way diferent than you might think. now i feel i must post because i dont think we are behaving like real conservatives on this one. So hear are my stand points on this one.
I absolutely hate Obama. anything he does i think is intentionally trying the tear this country apart. The thought of to guys, or two women have sex with each other sickens me. sex is meant to between a man and a women. I do not want to see it in public or have it flaunted in my face. I know for a fact that Homosexuality is a sin. That these people engaging in this behavior WILL answer to God on there day of judgment for these sins.
All that being said, We live in a free country. how is it any of the governments business what happens in our, or there bed rooms? I see you guys saying that making it legal will "make it ok". iv got some bad news for you guys, society already says its ok. I remember having to sit though "celebrate diversity day" in high school. and the only things they were celebrating were homosexuality. (and this was over 10 years ago.) And it is already law that we can not discriminate against them in the work place. so ya its already "ok". Given that we can not change the fact that they are gay, and living in sin. Which would you rather, that homosexuals behave like a married couple, and show the limited display of public affection that most husbands and wifes do in public. (keeping ther business behind closed doors.) Or would you rather they run around acting like horny teenagers, making out all over the place in public the way dating teens do?
Then take in to consideration, that by us asking the government to make laws preventing someone from living there life's the way they see fit based of our beliefs makes us no better than the liberals who want our guns taken away because they feel that guns are evil. This is not the constitutional govt our forefathers envisioned. telling us how to live our life's is not the governments roll. as a matter of fact, one of the first lines in the declaration of independence is..... "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Do you guys think that you would be free to pursuit happiness if someone had the government tell you, that you could not be married to your wife's based of there belief system?
All this being said we dont need laws outlawing gay marriage. we need a society free to say that "we are not going to outlaw it, but keep it to yourself, i dont want to see that crap."
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