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I believe that what SteelSlinger says about Alabama is the same story here in Illinois. Up until the last 2 seasons I could pretty much kill a deer EVERY DAY in the little area where I hunt, now I'm lucky to see 25 or 30% of what I used to see. I understand that there are many many reasons for deer fluctuations, but I think there are WAY too many doe tags being issued. We have a first then a second lottery drawing for tags, after that there is a Random Daily Drawing for any leftover tags, and there are always tons of doe tags still available. We have a Late Winter Anterless Only season(3 day weekend in mid January) and in the county where I hunt the tags for this season are unlimited. Besides that, for the last 2 seasons they added an extra 4 day doe only season in addition to the regular 3 dayer. Doesn't make any sense when a guy can hardly kill a doe during the first two gun weekends. Over the years I've become good friends with a local deer processor who has customers come from many of the surrounding counties, and his count has been way off the last two years also. If the auto insurers could totally have their way the only place you could see a deer would be in a zoo.
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