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Originally Posted by gfdeputy2 View Post
Man sorry tpo hear that Tator
Never had a problem w/ customer service or really any buyers or sellers
one thing I do from the get go is communicate a lot through ebay messages this way I have a lot of info on the complete transactions
& I always insure any packages & add it to the shipping fee just in case & never refund money till I deal w/ Ebay C.S. or I get the Item back even if I have to pay for the return shipping
Hope all works out for you
as far as the "button" goes it is the customer service tab

I just hope I don't ever deal with that guy

Listen man... if you haven't tried lately, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They have zero, none, zip. Here, check out this Customer forum page ON EBAY where customers are having the same problem I am:
Ebay Live Chat ? Where is It ?: Community Help Boards: eBay Discussion Boards

This is exactly what I'm warning everyone about. I guess this is something NEW that's just happened recently. They used to be decent in customer relations, but not anymore. You CANNOT get ahold of them. That C.S. number they give you? HAHA try calling it... there's NO way you will talk to a real person, it's a BIG circle. They keep refering you to online help, and there IS NONE!!!! haha It's rediculous.

I'm not trying to scare everyone off from ebay,,, but I do want to make this suggestion... when BUYING something, make sure you the person has a good score rating on ebay and I almost always try to buy from an ACTUAL store or company, not individuals.

Trust me when I say this, these little scams like this guy has done is going to increase rapidly because of there being NO C.S.

Pretty crappy way to treat the very people who grew your business into an empire.

James 1:2-8
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