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Ebay trouble

I want to warn all of you of Ebay because I am going through something right that I do not wish upon any of you all. Ebay, first of all, is by far the worst in customer service. In fact, they have NO customer service, period. If you call them, YOU WILL NOT TALK TO A HUMAN. It's literally impossible. They direct you to "live chat" with them by clicking on the "LIVE CHAT" button on the top right screen of ebay's home page... Here you go, click on the link and tell me where this button is located:

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In my case, I sold an item to an individual living in Pennsylvania. This individual did NOT pay me until 3 full days after the auction. Then decided he wanted to mouth and be dumb by saying that I should've known he was on Easter vacation with his fam. Well finally he paid so I shipped the item that very day. I sent the item via standard USPS shipment and he was supposed to get the package 5 days later. Well 5 days comes and goes. This guy is livid. Threatens me with negative feedback (WHICH EBAY SUPPOSEDLY DOES NOT ALLOW) and threatens me that "I'm going to get what I deserve". To me that's a physical threat. Finally 2 days after the item was supposed to arrive, he gets the package and claims that the item was cracked and damaged. Well the item was NOT damaged when I shipped it and this was an item that would be VERY VERY VERY hard for the USPS to crack- believe me. Well this guy wants to know what I'm going to do about it and throws a HUGE fit. SO me being the "scared" seller (because I haven't sold that much on Ebay) I do something stupid and I refund his money. Well long-story short, this idiot will NOT return by item and I am out $200 which is what the item sold for.

I have filed TWO complaints with Ebay and I have received NO word from them what-so-ever. This guy has stopped all communication with me and will not return messages sent to him. I'm basically screwed.

What pisses me off (sorry for the language) is that there are people out in our world, let alone OUR COUNTRY, who treat others like this. I wouldn't treat my worst enemy like this. NOT AT ALL. This is the low of the low and I'm absolutely pissed off.

My concern is this though, for you guys... BE AWARE of what you buy AND sell because this can go both ways. If you purchase something, and then they don't ship it after you pay... You are NOT getting your item and it doesn't matter what you do, you are screwed.

Ebay has gotten so "big" that they crap on their customers by having NO support for them at all. They give you the run around and expect conflicts to just disolve. Has ebay always been like this, NO they have not. They used to have a phone number you could call and actually talk to someone and get to the bottom of problems. NOT ANYMORE.

If you are a seller--- DO NOT REFUND MONEY AT ALL until you have the item in your hands. There are people out there who does this (just like this guy) and now he has my item and MONEY TOO. He basically stole this. It's the same as stealing because he has something he didn't pay for.

BUT here's the kicker- I found out where this guy lives and his full name and I have a plan that involves the local law enforcement. I'll keep you filled in.

James 1:2-8

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