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CVA Wolf - Home cast Maxiballs

Got this mold in yesterday "May 7th" and did some casting with it that day as well as today, 186 rounds total with ZERO throw aways!

Took the CVA Wolf out and once i found the load, shes ready!

Lyman Maxiball mold .504"

70gr Blackhorn209 - 370gr Maxiball- CCI 209M primers @ 100 yards.

.016" Headspace adjustment with the CVA shim kit.

One heck of a load in that lil Wolf! Its nice to finally have found a bullet mold that will shoot good in the 1:28 twist and be plenty cheap to cast my self.

Ordered a Lee pot yesterday so i can kick the coleman to the curb, Tired of that thing sweating me out of the shop.
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