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For those of you who care- I got my chicken coop about 75% of the way done this weekend. It's coming around very well. I have a little over 2 acres where I live and on the southern part of my property there was an old lean-to shed. Well I didn't it's location and so my father-in-law and I moved it to more behind the house. Once that was completed, it was time to make my coop. Got a pretty nice set up out there for them. PLENTY of room for them in their pen (pen is about 15'x25') and coop (coop is 8'x8' or 1/2 of the shed). I keep meaning to take some pics, but forget to. I'll have some time on my hands this evening so I'll have to snap a few and share.

Chickens are getting big. My fence around their pen is about 6' tall in most places and 5' tall in the other places. Will they be able to fly out of that???? My dad told me to clip one side of their wings so that they cannot fly... may have to do that. ??

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