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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
We could easily go on and on all day long about this because it's real and continues to fester daily but we shouldn't stop even if our best choice becomes the next president
it isn't going to mean squat if we don't stay after him too, to make sure these sort of things are addressed and corrected.

you are absolutely correct bb. It just really bugs me that young America is so blatantly stupid. It bothers me because it's MY generation. I guess I'm old-fashioned on alot of things and alot of morals. How you treat people and how your hard-earned money is YOUR money not anyone elses.

Growing up, my family wasn't poor, but we were far from being rich. I would say we were at the bottom of the middle class. My dad had a GREAT job with Dupont in the town we lived in until they shut down the plant and offered everyone jobs at their other plants all over the U.S. My family was ready to move but at the last moment, my parents decided to stick it out and stay put. Life for the next 3-5 years was HARD. We didn't have money to splurg or go on big vacations. Shoes lasted us a full year and clothes weren't bought just because we wanted them. We hardly ever ate out because it was MUCH more expensive than eating at home. Life was good though. Us kids didn't mind it. Sure I didn't have all the newest nintendo's and air jordans like all the other kids, but we still had a good life growing up. my point is this.....What if Obama was in office when my family went through this time? NOW keep in mind that my parents would have let us starve to death before accepting ANY kind of aide (which I admire that about them, seriously). They would've have NEVER applied for welfare or food stamps. NEVER. But my question is this... how would my family been effected if Obama ran the country back then? I'm guessing my life right now would be completely different. In fact, I doubt I'd even be sitting here right now talking to you guys. I doubt I'd have the family I have now and the kids I love so dearly. Basically what I'm saying is OBAMA's plan really really really really really really SUCKS BIG TIME for people like my family growing up... now here's the kicker... My wife, my kids and I.... yeah, we're in the same "classification" my parents were in. Middle class- but definately at the lower end. And guess what? I'm pretty freakin' proud to be there. It means I work my butt off to make my money and I want every dime of it. We can't all say we've had a sheltered and cushy life like obama has had.

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