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Ok I have for years resisted the urge to get into bow hunting mainly because i couldn't justify the extra expense when i could sling lead three months a year and put meat in the freezer. (I don't hunt horns could care less about killing bucks I eat deer no offense to trophy hunters its just not my thing) Any way Just moved to Kansas a couple years ago and can only sling lead for 2 weeks so the ole .06 get plenty rest. I need more time in the woods so I ventured into Bow hunting this year. Picked up an older Browning bow at a pawn shop for $125 went to the bow shop had it inspected (given clean bill of health) tuned in added new sights and sighted . and proceeded to Miss every thing that breathed for the next month and a half. I must say i never missed the targets on the range go figure, did you know deer DUCK... I didn't. Now to the point the older bow shoots good I don't know what to measure against as to say how good but it shoots at 220 fps and it is long. so i am looking to get a more compact bow to hunt from a ground blind for turkey, with out getting a smaller family (wife doesn't like me spending money) and as long as im buying a new bow faster cant be worse can it? I am looking at a Quest somke at Gander Moutain that boast 324 fps and is a shoot ready package for $499 and a PSE bare bone bow for $399 Stinger 3G 308 FPS. i need to be as close to $500 is I can and i need a Left Handed Bow. are either of these a good choice. Which is better? is there another Bow I could consider in making this purchase? turkey season opens April 1 and Left handed might be a backorder so i need to move quickly.
I have a bow for sale that is a great bow, it is a Parker Ultralite 31, and speaking with the engineer that used to be with Parker it is still considered the very best bow Parker made, 80% letoff, Tru Fire Dual Caliper Wrist Strap Hurricane Release, 50# Limbs that can be upgraded to the heavy limbs thru Parker, both short and long draw modules, Limbsavers, String Leeches, Peep, Loop, Muzzy Zero Effect Drop Away Rest, Tru Glo Range Rover Single Pin Sight, Kwikee 6 arrow quick detach quiver, Tranqulizer Stabilizer, armguard, Kisser, Original Box, shot 20 times and never been in the woods, asking $510
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