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Originally Posted by tcoguide View Post
I rarely do any posting, but as a full-time bowhunting outfitter for 18 years, I've dealt with alot of bowhunters and bowhunting equipment. Let me suggest that you ask around your area and find out what Archery Bow shop has the best reputation. I would not be some much interested in the Brand as I would the advise of a good bow mechanic. He'll need a bow that fits him and that feels good to him. Don't under- estimate the importance of how a bow feels to him. Most if not all of the major brands have good solid bows which will do the job. Picking the one that fits his statue and his strength is what is most important. R.L.
This is very sound advice. The only thing I would add is that there are many "Youth" bows and most every mfg makes one. Some are more adjustable than others in the areas of Draw Weight and draw length. If the shooter is still growing and you don't want to be buying a lot of bows, pick one that feels right in the shooters hands. As an example of what I'm talking about here, My wife shoots a Bear Apprentice II this bow is adjustable in DW from 20 to 50 lbs. DL is adjustable from 23" to 30" so it will fit for a long time frame if it was a child growing like a weed. Like I said, every mfg makes at least one bow like this example. A Pro is key to getting just the right rig and set up.
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