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As many of you know (and I'm sure you are the same way) I am the farthest thing from being "racist". I hate the word and I can not stand someone using it loosely.

My problem with this video is simple. To me, this is racism by our President. I'm not saying that he can't celebrate his ethnicity, I'm calling this "commercial" what it is, a call to only one of MANY races in this country to rally behind him. I don't agree with that morally at all.

Now, to prove my point, I would feel the EXACT same way if Mitt Romney did this same thing. It would be wrong in every sense.

America is a great country and it's great because we have gotten past all of our slavery issues in the past and all the tension between different races - for the most part. I'm aware there are still people out there who feel strongly about other races. My suggestion to them is simple, get over it. America is great because of our diversity. We have different cultures and different races that build America up and make her strong. I don't like a candidate,,, let alone our in-office PRESIDENT,,, calling for a rally of only ONE race to band together around him. That is completely NOT what our country stands for. Now, if his video was targeted towards ALL Americans to rally and band together around him, that would ok, in my eyes.

Finally, I do not like his way of smooth talking socialism on Americans. This whole "even the playing field" stuff is NOT what our AMERICA is founded upon. I completely agree with helping your neighbors and helping those in need- especially children- but when there are lazy Americans (white, brown, black, yellow and red- ALL RACES) who sit around all day doing nothing- why should my hard earned money go to them? Why? So that they can live a comfortable life? They are the ones who chose to sit at home and do nothing, not me. They are the ones who chose to splurg too much to the point of bankruptcy, they are the ones who lost their job because of bad attendance or performance, they are the ones who committed the crimes, they are the ones who are here illegally.... WHY should my hard earned money go to them? That's the one question I'd like to sit this President down and ask. Why? What makes you think that that is fair? and HOW?! Plain and simply, it's not.

So you see, my problem with this is NOT racism or racist at all. I'm neither. I know and respect many people of different race than I am. I live next to, go to church with, work with and talk to on a daily basis people who are of different race than me. I have no problem with your skin color, I don't care about that- in my eyes, ALL humans are equal in worth to God. But giving my money away to people who take handouts because they are too lazy to go find a job or save their money? I don't care what race you are, it's not happening.

James 1:2-8
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