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Well not to start a whole thread on racial issues but I recently pointed out to Vermonts Governor that when a state allows public colleges to accept funds from the "UNCF, (united negro college fund)
or similar race/gender funds, it only supports division and racism not to mention it discriminates against all other races!
Private schools have the ability to choose who they should accept funds from but
I don't think Public colleges or state universities should be allowed to accept any funds from any gender or race specific funding.
The following quote is why I included gender specific, it's because females of "Other" races don't qualify, it isn't right and hopefully someone will address and end those kind of discriminating practices.

"African American Women
African-American women have any number of collegiate scholarship opportunities. Women of all backgrounds are being buoyed up in the college realm, both as undergraduate and graduate level.

African-American women, like their white, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic counterparts, are often uniquely positioned to be eligible for intended scholarships and grants. The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. maintains two scholarship programs, each awarded annually to young black women pursuing undergraduate studies.

African-American women should also explore our College Scholarships for Women for further opportunities."

Source; African-American Scholarships, Funds and Resources for a College Education

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