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Filled a Hole in my Line-up

I have numerous deer rifles, all of which see use almost every season to carry. From .223 (legal here) to .338 caliber. What I did not have was a 6mm. Any 6mm at all. I jumped right over them to .257 and up. So I finally found one I could honestly say I wanted in .243 Winchester, a Zastava Z98. If you recall the old Interarms Mark X (my fav of all time, have one in .30-06) and then the Remington 798's, these are the same rifle. When Interarms folded, then Remington took up the import rights after the fall of the wall and the opening up of the East, and then they dropped that import right.... Well, Zastava continues to produce a fine rifle identical to all the previous lineage and now called the Z98 (must've been easy to stamp a "Z" over all those "7"'s waiting to be imported...)

Stock photo. Actuals when it arrives....
Filled a Hole in my Line-up-zastava-z98-small.jpg

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