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TLF, good post! However, I still highly question the legality of the actual shooting, who pulled the trigger? Taking a five year old out hunting means several years of teaching on all aspects of the hunt. They are taught to be patient, learn how to shoot, learn some of the game habbits, learn when to shoot. My son was eight when he started all the above and then was allowed to carry when he was 12. I endorse highly, taking kids out and teaching them the great outdoors and all the responsibilities that go hand in hand with that responsibility but a five year old sitting in his Dad's lap and the Dad probably pulling the trigger! It's not not my idea of responsible teaching, I may be missing something here but from what I see gives me bad vibes. I am certainly not trying to make something out of a molehill here just giving my 2 cents worth. Hopefully the child grows up to be a great woodsman!
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