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Great video Chris, and I would like to commend you for taking the time and effort to introduce your young boy to the outdoors, as we have many members here at DHC who also put forth the time and effort with their kids as well. Yes, in Pennsylvania it is totally legal for a 5 year old to deer hunt under their "Mentored Youth Program". The program is for kids UNDER the age of 12. Kids from the ages of 12 through 16 are called Junior License Holders and the designated Youth Hunts are for them. As Chris said, this hunt occurred during the general archery season. Yes, the youngster has his or her own tag, they cost $2.70, this is the tag they were buying in the video(I assume). The mentor also has to have the appropriate license/tags for the species being hunted. Only one weapon legal for that species may be brought on the hunt. Previous to 2011 only antlered deer were legal under the program, but the Pa. Game Commission changed that before the 2011 deer season to include antlerless deer too. Hope this helps clear up the confusion. Once again Chris, great job, keep it up. The future of hunting lies with these youngsters.
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