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Default NH Youth weekend

Well Youth weekend went fairly well
Day one oldest daughter smoked a nice Tom at 24 yards (17#, 9 3/4" beard & 3/4" spurs) 15 min into her first hunt ever hunting anything. had three Toms come in thought the girls were going to get a double but didn't work so well for my youngest missed the same bird twice????
Day two yougest missed again at 15 yards continued the day with no luck. When we got home I had her shoot noticed she was shooting about 3-5 feet low ( she usually shoots better then me & I patterned the gun last week) took the gun shot & hit the same spot she did inspected the gun closer & noticed the rear sight loosened up & slid down the rib towards the receiver on the slop of the rib & was making it shoot low it is now further up the rib so if it loosens up again it will still be on target
we learned now to check the sight before each hunt she is just happy it wasn't the way she was aiming Dad is taking blame for this one
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