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Originally Posted by DVW View Post
Took a tour of the Buck Knives factory yesterday with my two boys (9 and 12). It was good. They were very pleasant and welcoming. I liked their little museum and was glad that they let us walk through the factory floor. The employees smiled and were eager to help. When the tour guide came to a new station, the workers would rush to her and present her with what they were working on so she could show us the samples. You could tell that they had a little game going of who would be the first to help her. It made me happy to see a functional and successful family owned business. It was also a little eye opening for my 12 year old. He realized that these people just sit there for 8 or 10 hours a day, every day doing the same thing over and over. So it was a good opportunity to get him thinking about what he wanted to do after high school. If any Buck Knives employees read this... Thanks
I am glad you had such an enlightening experience.. How much were tickets?
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