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Originally Posted by tomlightfield View Post
I wondered if any of you have seen this it is on my Yahoo home page. An 18 yr old Oklahoma mother and her 3 month old baby boy were in their home when she saw 2 guys, one with a 12" hunting knife, trying to break in. She put a bottle in the baby's mouth to keep him quiet, got a 12 gauge side by side and a pistol, then called 911 and asked the dispatcher if she could shoot them if they broke in. The dispatcher told her she could not tell her to do that, but did tell her to do what you have to. As soon as the first one got through the door she blazed the scumbag. Talk about a heartwarming story, at least for me it is. The only thing that would have made this story better is if she could have gotten both of them. The other one was caught when the cops showed up. Her husband just died of cancer on CHRISTMAS DAY!! The police are calling the incident totally justified!! I love happy endings.
That is a really crazy story!! Is there an article still about this?
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