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alost forgot the reason i had to go back to the ER to get the pills. Monday i called my primary care doc at the VA to request pain pills to get me through to the ortho appt. tuesday they the nurse calls me back and says the doc wont write it without seeing me and evaluating the injury her self. i told her that this was BS, that the med records of me being in the ER twice, and having an appt should be enough to prove i had a legit injury to require pain meds. again she told me the doc had to see me herself to write the script. i explained to her in a raised voice (but not yelling and no cussing) that the exact meds i was requesting, the VA had me on for years, and that I, not the VA had taken myself off of them. that since then i had turned down these meds on a regular basis, as well as i have turned down oxy cotton. that i understood that they must have people calling them all the time looking for drugs, but that this was not the case with me. that i is clearly written in my med records that all this was true, and that when someone with my background, and history of turning down these types of meds calls and asks for them, that i am not looking for drugs, i am looking for some type of pain re-leaf. she told me "lets not make this personal, its not about you" the doc just has her rules about writing scripts. i told her it was BS, and that this was personal. that someone like me should not have to jump through a to of hoops to get some type of pain relefe for the next three weeks. ( oh ya the reason i consitter having to she her to get the pain meds was because the only appt she could get me was at the same time as a meeting at work that i absolutely could not miss). so ya i had to go to the ER to get the meds.
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