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Hunt, I hope you can find some relief. Just to share your pain some: After my pool accident I went 30 years in pain before having neck surgery. Well it didn't work as the pain is pretty nasty. On bad days it feels like someone is slowly driving a railroad spike through my back between the neck and right shoulder blade then blowing out my forehead. On good days just pain. I sleep 2-4 hours at best. Pain medicine is the only way I get through the really bad times so I wouldn't fight taking them when you need to. There are medicines that go after the nerve endings and shots that will give you several months of decent pain relief. The shots are not fun but they do work for a few months. I put in a hot tub to help with pain and to keep the muscles loose, helps a little. One thing that does work is a hot steam sauna. Find one somewhere and sit it for 45 minutes at 150-165* with lots of water on the rocks and you will get some decent relief. Again these are trial by need methods for me and maybe help you with some ideas for long term pain management. For those who never experience major pain issues feel blessed, for those of us that deal with it everyday, we have to learn to deal with it. I have learned to limit my activities on the bad days and just know there will be a better day ahead to do what I need to do. Best wishes to you Hunt NH.
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