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Originally Posted by daddus1 View Post
The whole point is the kid was down on his knees praising God to the highest level in front of the entire country. Good for him , he slipped the night before but who hasn't. I was just glad to see God glorified.

Exactly what I was trying to say! As long as he stays grounded, I think he'll be a fantastic musician and singer. I personally would like to hear and see him go into Christian Music. If not that's ok, but making sure he stays positive and lyric-clean.

There are TONS of singers out there who are good clean singers, but they are not "Christian" singers persay. A good example is Sarah Evans. She's actually form a small town in Missouri called New Franklin... about 35 minutes away from where I live... Sarah always stays positive in her songs, and even though she does sing some love songs, they are appropriate for teenagers and young adults to hear. She will not cuss in her songs and she will not sing about drinking or cheating or anything else.

Another example is Will Smith. He was sort of a rapper/R & B guy. I'm not sure if he still does this, but at one time, all his songs were curse-word free. Even his movies for awhile were that way. He refused to cuss b/c of his children and because of the example he wants to set. I THINK, however, he has gone away from that... at least in the movies... Not sure he does any singing anymore.

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