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Anybody have this rifle?

So I'm new to hunting and ready to purchase my first rifle. I have done alot of research as far as brands and calibers and I think I have made a choice. I am very interested in the Mossberg ATR 100 30.06 or the .270. There are several reasons I like this gun, the main reason is the price. Money is not really an isssue but since I'm new to hunting there is alot of stuff that I would like purchase as well and I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I can get the gun from Walmart for $300 and then I planned on purchasing a leopold VX-III scope to round out the package. From what I've gathered the ATR 100 came out in 2005-2006 but I've been unable to find much in reviews other than 1 or 2 people saying it was a no frills rifle but was very accurate and built very solid. I am open to others brands as well; Howa, Savage, Remington and so on but the Mosseberg seems to be the best value. Keep in mind when I say I have to buy alot of hunting gear I mean alot, I have nothing of my own, my first hunt this year was all on borrowed stuff, so I really don't want to spend $500 -- $800 on just a rifle. Any input would great!!!!


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