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.45 auto if your looking for a semi auto. or .44 mag if your looking for a revolver. if you plan on doing much shooting at the range .357Mag for when your hunting and .38spc for at the range. but if your not planning on shooting much at the range i would just go for the .44 mag.

I would have to go with WD the 357 is the best of all the choices so far buy a box of good .357 rounds for porotection but practice with the .38 rounds just remember that you can shoot .38's in a .357 but not 357's in a 38 so personally I would get the .357 over a .38

I have a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 w/ a 6 1/2 in barrel that I've had for almost 35 years. It will definitely do the trick for you. Like the guys said, .38 special for practice on the range and use the .357 rounds for hunting and personal protection. My $.02 worth.

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